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Introduction for Season Ticket Holders

What is a Ticket Group, a Ticket Location and a Listing?

Do you have any video tutorials?

Can potential partners ask questions?

How do I find new partners?

How do I get paid for my Season Tickets?

Can I decide which games are listed for sale?

I created a listing but its not verified, now what?

I created a listing a while ago but it still has not been verified. What should I do?

Where does my listing appear?

How do I assign games to myself/partners?

Is there a fee to create a listing?

How do I update my Season Tickets for sale and price range for my Listing?

What is the minimum number of games I can sell?

How do people find out about my listing?

What happens if the buyer doesn't pay?

How do I advertise my listing?

How can I download Season Tickets data?

What is an Online Draft?

Can I pause/cancel the draft after it starts?

Do I have to include all games in an Online Draft?

Do I have to do an Online Draft?

Can I pre-rank games prior to the draft?

Can I AutoDraft?

How do I set the draft order?

Do all partners need to be present for an online draft?

Can I have multiple drafts?

Can I start my draft over?

Can I make changes to an online draft once it has begun?

Are drafts timed or untimed?

Can a partner give up their pick during the draft? or can an Administrator pick for a partner?

We have 3 people in our Season Ticket group, but the games are split unevenly. Two people have 9 games and one person gets the remaining. How do I set it up like this?

My Draft Rank does not have any games. What should I do?

If I set AutoDraft to ON, do I need to attend the draft?

Partners cannot see the names of the other partners in the draft. Can I change this?

I would like to split my 6 tickets into sets of 4 and 2. Is there a way to that now so that in the draft there are two sets of tickets for each game? for example... I would like to be able to pick 4 tickets to game one but take the 2 tickets to game 2...

Can I set a time limit for partners to make their pick?

How can I pick for a partner during the draft?

Can I UNDO a pick during the draft?

I've loaded the Season Tickets into the group, but the Season Tickets do not have a "Price" associated with them. How do I auto load the price to the Season Tickets?

Can I change games partners have picked after the draft?

How do I search for listings?

Do Season Ticket Holders pay any fees to use this service?

What do I need to do to make an offer?

How do I make an offer?

Can I contact a Season Ticket Holder directly?

How do I get my Season Tickets?

How do I pay?

Payment Option: Certified Check

Payment Option: In Person Cash

Payment Option: PayPal

I made an offer but never heard anything -- what is going on?

What happens after I complete an Agreement?

If I become a partner, will I have access to the pre-sale or post season tickets?

How do I sign up?

I forgot my password -- what do I do?

Can I change my email address or password?

I am not getting emails from you. What should I do?

Can I add multiple partners?

How many partners can I have?

Can I remove partners?

Can I change a partner's email address?

Can I add partners mid-season?

Can I get a dollar total for Season Tickets assigned to me or a partner?

How can I enter/edit the prices for my Season Tickets?

How can I change the status or owner or price of all Season Tickets at once?

Help Videos

Introduction for Season Tickets

Tutorial: Getting Started, Creating a Ticket Group for my Season Tickets

Tutorial: Creating a Listing for my Season Tickets

Tutorial: Setting up an Online Ticket Draft

Tutorial: Getting ready for your Online Ticket Draft

Tutorial: Online Draft In Action

Tutorial: Searching For Listings

Tutorial: Making Offers and Agreements